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China's Maritime Adjudication(1984-2014)


  • China's Maritime Adjudication(1984-2014)

  • 中国海事审判白皮书(1984-2014)

  • (Supreme People's Court of PRC, September 2014)
  • (中华人民共和国最高人民法院 2014年9月)

  • Special Remarks: This paper is published in both Chinese and English. The Chinese version shall be the authoritative version for interpretation purposes.
  • 特别说明:《中国海事审判白皮书(1984-2014)》以中英两种文字发布,以中文文本为准。
  • 目 录
  • Preface
  • 前言
  • I. Perfecting Maritime Adjudication Scheme to Build an Asia-Pacific Maritime Judicial Center
  • 一、完善海事审判制度体系,建设亚太地区海事司法中心
  • A. Setting up Maritime Courts to Lay a Foundation for Professional Maritime Adjudication
  • (一)设立海事法院,形成专门化海事审判格局
  • B. Improving Management System to Push forward Maritime Adjudication
  • (二)理顺海事法院管理体制,纳入正规化快速发展轨道
  • C. Exploring and Perfecting Maritime Law System to Provide Institutional Guarantee for Maritime Adjudication
  • (三)探索完善海事法律制度,为海事审判提供制度保障
  • D. Proactively Exercising Maritime Jurisdiction to Promote International Status of Maritime Adjudication
  • (四)积极行使海事司法管辖权,提升海事审判国际地位
  • II. Executing the Full Maritime Adjudication to Safeguard Opening-UP Policy and Development of Marine Economy
  • 二、发挥海事审判职能作用,保障对外开放和海洋经济发展
  • A. Adjudicating Maritime Cases by the Law to Maintain Seaborne Trade Order
  • (一)依法审理海事案件,规范海运贸易秩序
  • B. Regulating Adjudication of Marine Environmental Pollution Cases to Promote Marine Ecological Civilization
  • (二)规范审理海洋环境污染案件,促进海洋生态文明建设
  • C. Handling Carefully Cases Involving Foreign Countries or Regions, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan to Serve National Strategy of Opening-Up
  • (三)妥善审理涉外涉港澳台案件,服务国家开放战略
  • D. Implementing Quality Maritime Adjudication Strategy and Insisting on Priority of Handling Cases.
  • (四)实施海事审判精品战略,持续抓好执法办案第一要务
  • III. Enhancing the role of Maritime Adjudication to Serve Overall Situation of Reform, Development and Stability
  • 三、强化海事司法服务功能,保障改革发展稳定大局
  • A. Fully Playing Active Roles of Maritime Adjudication to Serve Scientific Development of Economy and Society
  • (一)充分发挥海事司法服务能动作用,促进经济社会科学发展
  • B. Making Great Efforts under the Tenet “Judicial Work for the People” to Satisfy the Needs of Society
  • (二)努力践行司法为民宗旨,满足社会司法需求
  • C. Actively Engaging in Foreign-Related Judicial Aid to Display International Humanitarianism
  • (三)积极开展涉外海事司法援助,彰显国际人道主义精神
  • D. Fully Implementing Judicial Transparency in Active Response to Social Concerns
  • (四)全面落实司法公开,积极回应社会关切
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