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Position Paper of the People’s Republic of China For the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly


[CLI Code] CLI.T.8997(EN)  Statement

  • Position Paper of the People's Republic of China For the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly

  • 第73届联合国大会中方立场文件

  • (August 28, 2018)
  • (2018年8月28日)

  • I. The world is undergoing major changes unprecedented in a century. As economic globalization, IT revolution and cultural diversification gain momentum in an increasingly multi-polar world, the interests and destinies of all countries are closely linked and deeply intertwined. At the same time, regional hotspot issues keep flaring up, the problem of unbalanced development is far from being resolved, and global challenges such as climate change, terrorism and cyber security issues have become more pronounced. All these factors, combined with surging unilateralism and protectionism in particular, have exerted a severe impact on the international order, architecture and rules.
  •   一、当今世界正经历百年未有之大变局。世界多极化、经济全球化深入发展,社会信息化、文化多样化持续推进,各国利益和命运紧密相联,深度交融。同时,地区热点问题此起彼伏,发展失衡的问题远未解决,气候变化、恐怖主义、网络安全等全球性挑战日益凸显,特别是单边主义和保护主义进一步抬头,国际秩序、国际体系、国际规则受到严重冲击。
  • Under such circumstances, the international community should build consensus and join hands in tackling new threats and challenges to safeguard world peace, promote common development and improve global governance.
  • 当前形势下,国际社会应该凝聚共识,携起手来,共同应对新威胁和新挑战,为维护世界和平、促进共同发展、加强全球治理作出积极努力。
  • Multilateralism must be steadfastly upheld. From a historical dimension, multilateralism is an irreversible trend of our times consistent with the mighty tide of multi-polarity and economic globalization. From the perspective of reality, global challenges call for global solutions and fundamentally, multilateralism is the only way forward. Countries should jointly oppose unilateralism and protectionism and advocate extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits for win-win results.
  • --各国要坚定支持多边主义。从历史维度看,多边主义符合世界多极化、经济全球化发展大势,是不可逆转的时代潮流。从现实维度看,全球性挑战需要全球性应对,坚持多边主义是根本之道。我们应共同反对单边主义和保护主义,积极倡导共商共建共享,努力实现双赢多赢共赢。
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