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Qingdao Declaration of the Council of Heads of State of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation


[CLI Code] CLI.T.8818(EN)  Statement

  • Qingdao Declaration of the Council of Heads of State of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

  • 上海合作组织成员国元首理事会青岛宣言

  • The leaders of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (hereinafter referred to as the SCO or the Organisation), following the meeting of the Council of Heads of State in Qingdao on 10 June 2018, hereby declare the following.
  • 上海合作组织(以下称“上合组织”或“本组织”)成员国领导人于2018年6月10日在中国青岛举行元首理事会会议,并发表宣言如下:
  • The dynamically developing world is currently going through a period of major changes and reconfiguration; the geopolitical landscape is becoming diversified and multipolar, and ties between countries are becoming closer.
  • 当今世界正处在大发展大变革大调整时期,地缘政治版图日益多元化、多极化,国与国相互依存更加紧密。
  • At the same time, the factors of instability and uncertainty are increasing, the situation in the world economy remains unstable despite the positive changes, economic globalisation is confronted with the expansion of unilateral protectionist policies and other challenges in international trade, and the risks associated with the aggravation of conflicts in a number of regions, terrorism, drug trafficking and organised crime, epidemics of infectious diseases and climate change are also on the rise. Counteraction to these global challenges requires urgent development of collective and effective approaches of the world community.
  • 同时,世界面临的不稳定性不确定性因素不断增加,世界经济形势明显向好,但仍不稳定,经济全球化进程遭遇贸易保护主义、单边主义等更多挑战,部分地区冲突加剧、恐怖主义、非法贩运毒品和有组织犯罪、传染性疾病、气候变化等威胁急剧上升引发的风险持续增加。国际社会迫切需要制定共同立场,有效应对上述全球挑战。
  • Following the Shanghai Spirit, which embodies mutual trust, equality, mutual benefit, equal rights, mutual consultations, respect for the diversity of cultures, and aspiration for joint development, amid fundamental changes in global affairs, the SCO consistently enhances political, security, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation and acts as one of the most influential participants in the modern system of international relations.
  • 上合组织遵循“互信、互利、平等、协商、尊重多样文明、谋求共同发展”的“上海精神”,经受住国际风云变幻的严峻考验,不断加强政治、安全、经济、人文等领域合作,成为当代国际关系体系中极具影响力的参与者。
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