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Global Compact on Refugees


[CLI Code] CLI.T.10278(EN)  Statement

  • Global Compact on Refugees

  • 难民问题全球契约

  • (Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 17 December 2018)
  • (联合国大会2018年12月17日第73/151号决议通过)

  • I. Introduction
  • 一. 导言
  • A. Background
  • A. 背景
  • 1. The predicament of refugees is a common concern of humankind. Refugee situations have increased in scope, scale and complexity and refugees require protection, assistance and solutions. Millions of refugees live in protracted situations, often in low- and middle- income countries facing their own economic and development challenges, and the average length of stay has continued to grow. Despite the tremendous generosity of host countries and donors, including unprecedented levels of humanitarian funding, the gap between needs and humanitarian funding has also widened. There is an urgent need for more equitable sharing of the burden and responsibility for hosting and supporting the world's refugees, while taking account of existing contributions and the differing capacities and resources among States. Refugees and host communities should not be left behind.
  • 1.难民的困境是人类共同关切的问题。难民局势不断扩大,而且日益严重复杂,难民需要得到保护和援助并找出解决办法。数百万难民生活在久拖不决的局势中,而且往往是在自身面临经济和发展挑战的低收入和中等收入国家,难民的平均停留时间也持续延长。尽管收容国和捐助方极力慷慨相助,人道主义资金也达到了空前的规模,但是需求和人道主义资金之间的缺口仍在扩大。迫切需要更为公平地分担在收容和支助全球难民方面的负担和责任,同时考虑到现有捐助及各国不同的能力和资源水平。难民和收容社区不应落在后面。
  • 2. The achievement of international cooperation in solving international problems of a humanitarian character is a core purpose of the United Nations, as set out in its Charter, and is in line with the principle of sovereign equality of States.1 Similarly, the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (1951 Convention) recognizes that a satisfactory solution to refugee situations cannot be achieved without international cooperation, as the grant of asylum may place unduly heavy burdens on certain countries.2 It is vital to translate this long-standing principle into concrete and practical action, including through widening the support base beyond those countries that have historically contributed to the refugee cause through hosting refugees or other means.
  • 2.如《联合国宪章》所述,促成国际合作以解决人道主义性质的国际问题是联合国的一项核心宗旨,而且符合国家主权平等的原则。1 同样,1951年《关于难民地位的公约》(1951年公约)承认,庇护权的给予可能使某些国家承担过重的负担,因此,没有国际合作就不能满意地解决难民局势。2 必须把这项长期原则转化为具体的实际行动,包括在曾经收容难民或通过其他手段为解决难民问题作出贡献的国家之外,进一步扩大支助的基础。
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