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Rome Summit Adopts G20 Leaders' Declaration


[CLI Code] CLI.T.10272(EN)  Statement
  • Rome Summit Adopts G20 Leaders' Declaration

  • 二十国集团领导人第十六次峰会通过《二十国集团领导人罗马峰会宣言》

  • (October 2021)
  • (2021年10月)

  • The 16th Group of 20 (G20) Leaders' Summit, which was held both online and offline on Saturday and Sunday in the Italian capital of Rome, has adopted the G20 Rome Leaders' Declaration.
    The following is a summary of the declaration:
  • 2021年10月30日至31日,二十国集团领导人第十六次峰会在意大利首都罗马以线上线下相结合方式举行。峰会通过了《二十国集团领导人罗马峰会宣言》。摘要如下:
  • We, the Leaders of the G20, met in Rome on October 30th and 31st, to address today's most pressing global challenges and to converge upon common efforts to recover better from the COVID-19 crisis and enable sustainable and inclusive growth in our Countries and across the world. We express our profound gratitude to the health and care professionals, frontline workers, international organizations and scientific community for their relentless efforts to cope with COVID-19.
  • 二十国集团领导人于10月30日至31日在罗马举行会议,以应对当今最紧迫的全球挑战,汇聚合力,从新冠肺炎危机中更好复苏,推动二十国集团成员以及全世界实现绿色、更加公平的增长。我们对医护人员、一线工作者、国际组织和科学界为应对新冠肺炎疫情作出的不懈努力深表感谢。
  • Underlining the crucial role of multilateralism in finding shared, effective solutions, we have agreed to further strengthen our common response to the pandemic, with particular regard to the needs of the most vulnerable. We have taken decisive measures to support Countries most in need, agreed upon a shared vision to combat climate change, and taken important steps towards the achievement of gender equality. We have also further advanced in our common efforts to ensure that the benefits of digitalization are shared broadly.
  • 我们强调多边主义对于寻求共同且有效解决办法的关键作用,我们同意进一步加强合作,共同应对新冠肺炎疫情,特别关注最脆弱群体的需求。我们采取了果断措施,给予最需要的国家支持,就应对气候变化达成了共同愿景,为实现性别平等采取了重要措施,还共同努力以确保数字化红利被广泛共享。
  • Over 2021, global economic activity has been recovering at a solid pace, thanks to the roll-out of vaccines and continued policy support. We remain determined to use all available tools for as long as required to address the adverse consequences of the pandemic. We will continue to sustain the recovery, avoiding any premature withdrawal of support measures, while preserving financial stability and long-term fiscal sustainability and safeguarding against downside risks and negative spill-overs. We remain vigilant to the global challenges that are impacting on our economies, such as disruptions in supply chains.
  • 2021年,得益于疫苗接种推广和持续的政策支持,全球经济稳步复苏。我们决心运用所有可用的工具,以应对疫情带来的负面影响。我们将继续维持经济复苏,避免过早退出支持措施,同时维护金融稳定和长期财政可持续性,防范下行风险和负面溢出效应。我们对供应链中断等影响经济的全球挑战保持警惕。
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