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Convention Establishing the Square Kilometre Array Observatory


[CLI Code] CLI.T.10134(EN)  Statement

  • Convention Establishing the Square Kilometre Array Observatory

  • 成立平方公里阵列天文台公约(中译本)

  • The Parties to this Convention,
  • 本公约各缔约方,
  • DESIRING to deliver one of the most visionary and ambitious science projects of the 21st century involving significant international cooperation;
  • 希求藉由广泛的国际合作以实现二十一世纪最具远见和雄心的一项大科学工程;
  • COMMITTED to testing the limits of engineering and scientific endeavour and to exploring fundamental questions in astronomy and physics;
  • 承诺挑战工程与科学的极限,探索天文学和物理学的基本问题;
  • NOTING that the Square Kilometre Array will be a next generation radio telescope facility that has a discovery potential far greater than any previous instrument;
  • 认识到平方公里阵列作为下一代射电望远镜,其科学发现的潜力将远超于此前任何射电望远镜装置;
  • RECOGNISING that the scale and ambition of the Square Kilometre Array demand a global effort with long-term investment;
  • 意识到平方公里阵列的规模和雄心需要全球长期投资合作;
  • EMBRACING the potential for scientific discovery to contribute to advances in technology and innovation and to deliver a broader benefit for industry and society;
  • 期盼科学发现的潜力将有助于技术发展和创新,为产业和社会带来更多福祉;
  • DEDICATED to realising the full ambition of the Square Kilometre Array Project;
  • 致力于实现平方公里阵列项目的全部宏伟目标;
  • ACKNOWLEDGING the preparatory work done by the Square Kilometre Array Organisation in the establishment of the Square Kilometre Array Observatory;
  • 认可平方公里阵列组织为建立平方公里阵列天文台所做的前期准备工作;
  • COMMITTED to an organisation where diversity and equality are promoted and respected;
  • 承诺致力于建立一个促进并尊重多元和平等的国际组织。
  • HAVE AGREED as follows:
  • 同意如下条款:
  • ARTICLE 1 Definitions
  • 第一条 定  义

  • For the purposes of this Convention and its Protocols:
  • 本公约及其议定书中:
  • (a) “SKAO” means the Square Kilometre Array Observatory;
  • 1.“SKAO”,系平方公里阵列天文台的缩略语;
  • (b) “SKA” means the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope facility;
  • 2.“SKA”,系平方公里阵列,指SKA射电望远镜设施;
  • (c) “SKA Project” means the global effort to build, maintain, operate and ultimately decommission the SKA;
  • 3.“SKA项目”,指SKA建造、维护、运行和最终退役的全球合作事项;
  • (d) “SKA-1” means the initial phase of the SKA Project;
  • 4.“SKA-1”,指SKA项目初始阶段;
  • (e) “Headquarters Country” means the State in which the SKAO global headquarters is located;
  • 5.“总部国”,指SKAO全球总部所在的国家;
  • (f) “Host Country” means a State in which the SKA Project is hosted;
  • 6.“台址国”,指SKA项目的台址所在国;
  • (g) “Member” means a State or an international organisation that is a party to this Convention;
  • 7.“成员”,指缔结本公约的国家或者国际组织;
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