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Five-Year Plan of Action on Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (2018-2022)


[CLI Code] CLI.T.8783(EN)  Statement

  • Five-Year Plan of Action on Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (2018-2022)

  • 澜沧江-湄公河合作五年行动计划(2018-2022)

  • (January 11, 2018)
  • (2018年1月11日)

  • I. Development Goals
  •   一、发展目标
  • 1.This Plan of Action is formulated in accordance with documents including the Sanya Declaration adopted at the first Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) Leaders' Meeting, which aims at contributing to the economic and social development of sub-regional countries, enhancing well-being of the people, narrowing the development gap within the region and building a Community of Shared Future of Peace and Prosperity among Lancang-Mekong Countries. By synergizing China's Belt and Road Initiative and the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 as well as the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025 and visions of other Mekong sub-regional cooperation mechanisms, the LMC is moving towards a new sub-regional cooperation mechanism with unique features driven by internal strength and inspired by South-South cooperation, which will support the ASEAN Community building and regional integration process, as well as promote the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • 1. 本《行动计划》根据澜沧江-湄公河合作(简称澜湄合作)首次领导人会议通过的《三亚宣言》等文件制定,旨在促进澜湄沿岸各国经济社会发展,增进各国人民福祉,缩小本区域发展差距,建设面向和平与繁荣的澜湄国家命运共同体。对接“一带一路”倡议、《东盟2025:携手前行》、《东盟互联互通总体规划2025》和其他湄公河次区域合作机制愿景,致力于将澜湄合作打造成为独具特色、具有内生动力、受南南合作激励的新型次区域合作机制,助力东盟共同体建设和地区一体化进程,促进落实联合国2030年可持续发展议程。
  • II. Fundamental Principles
  •   二、基本原则
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