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Joint Declaration of the Seventh Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Summit


[CLI Code] CLI.T.8807(EN)  Statement

  • Joint Declaration of the Seventh Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Summit

  • 第七次中日韩领导人会议联合宣言

  • We, the leaders of the People's Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea met in Tokyo, Japan on May 9, 2018, on the occasion of the Seventh Trilateral Summit.
  • 2018年5月9日,我们,中华人民共和国、日本国和大韩民国的领导人,在日本东京举行第七次中日韩领导人会议。
  • We appreciate the positive developments in various areas of trilateral cooperation as envisioned in the Joint Declaration adopted at the last Summit in November 2015 in Seoul. We also note that trilateral cooperation has contributed to building a regional platform for peace and cooperation in this region. In this regard, we renew our commitment to making further efforts towards deepening and broadening such cooperation.
  • 我们赞赏2015年11月首尔第六次中日韩领导人会议发表联合宣言以来,三国各领域合作取得的积极进展。我们认识到三国合作有利于构建地区和平合作平台。鉴此,我们重申将致力于进一步深化和拓展三国合作。
  • We acknowledge the responsibility we share in ensuring peace and stability in the region and the world, and as the three major economies with the total Gross Domestic Product amounting to more than 20% of that of the world, we recognize the important role we play in demonstrating a path for world prosperity.
  • 我们认识到三国对确保地区及世界和平稳定肩负共同责任。三国国内生产总值之和超过世界总量的20%,应为增进世界繁荣发挥重要作用。我们重申携手应对地区和全球挑战。
  • We therefore reiterate our commitment to working together to address both regional and global challenges. Appreciating and reaffirming the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS)'s role in advancing trilateral cooperation, we express support for the capacity-building of the TCS and its broader participation in the trilateral cooperation mechanisms. In addition, we reaffirm that the launching of the Trilateral Cooperation Fund will be instrumental for the development of trilateral cooperation projects.
  • 我们赞赏并重申中日韩合作秘书处对推进三国合作的作用,支持秘书处加强能力建设并更广泛地参与三国合作。我们重申启动三国合作基金有助于实施三国合作项目。
  • Trilateral Cooperation
  • 三国合作
  • We concur on the significance of holding the Trilateral Summit on a regular basis to lend political impetus to trilateral cooperation and dialogue in a wide variety of areas, including political, economic, social, and sustainable development fields. Reaffirming that the three countries share everlasting history and infinite future, we will continue to cooperate according to the common recognition reached at the 2015 Trilateral Summit.
  • 我们一致认为,定期举行三国领导人会议意义重大,将为三国政治、经济、社会和可持续发展等各领域合作与对话提供政治动力。我们重申三国之间有着过去的历史和长久的未来,将基于2015年三国领导人会议达成的共识继续合作。
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