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United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation (Singapore Mediation Convention)


[CLI Code] CLI.T.9082(EN)  Statement

  • Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 20 December 2018
  • 2018年12月20日大会决议

  • [on the report of the Sixth Committee (A/73/496)]
  • [根据第六委员会的报告(A/73/496)通过]

  • 73/198. United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation
  • 73/198.联合国关于调解所产生的国际和解协议公约
  • The General Assembly,
  • 大会,
  • Recalling its resolution 2205 (XXI) of 17 December 1966, by which it established the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law with a mandate to further the progressive harmonization and unification of the law of international trade and in that respect to bear in mind the interests of all peoples, in particular those of developing countries, in the extensive development of international trade,
  • 回顾其1966年12月17日第2205(XXI)号决议设立联合国国际贸易法委员会,其任务是促进国际贸易法的逐渐协调和统一,并在这方面念及各国人民,尤其是发展中国家人民在国际贸易广泛发展中的利益,
  • Recalling also its resolution 57/18 of 19 November 2002, in which it noted the adoption by the Commission of the Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation1 and expressed the con- viction that the Model Law, together with the Conciliation Rules of the Commission2 recommended in its resolution 35/52 of 4 Decem- ber 1980, contributes significantly to the establishment of a harmo- nized legal framework for the fair and efficient settlement of disputes arising in international commercial relations,
  • 又回顾其2002年11月19日第57/18号决议注意到,委员会通过了《国际商事调解示范法》,1并表示深信《示范法》以及大会1980年12月4日第35/52号决议所建议使用的委员会《调解规则》2大大有助于建立用于公平和高效解决国际商事关系中产生的争议的统一法律框架,
  • Recognizing the value of mediation as a method of amicably settling disputes arising in the context of international commercial relations,
  • 认识到调解作为一种友好解决国际商业关系中产生的争议的方法所具有的价值,
  • Convinced that the adoption of a convention on international settlement agreements resulting from mediation that is acceptable to States with different legal, social and economic systems would complement the existing legal framework on international mediation and contribute to the development of harmonious international economic relations,
  • 深信通过一部可为法律、社会和经济制度不同的国家接受的关于调解所产生的国际和解协议的公约将补充现行国际调解法律框架,并将有助于发展和谐 的国际经济关系,
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