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Joint Declaration from the Fifth German-Chinese Intergovernmental Consultations


[CLI Code] CLI.T.8834(EN)  Statement

  • Joint Declaration from the Fifth German-Chinese Intergovernmental Consultations
  • 第五轮中德政府磋商联合声明

  • (July 9, 2018, Berlin)
  • (2018年7月9日 柏林)

  • Chaired by the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr Angela Merkel, and the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Li Keqiang, the fifth German- Chinese intergovernmental consultations took place in Berlin on 9 July 2018 in a friendly atmosphere.
  • 在中华人民共和国国务院总理李克强和德意志联邦共和国总理安格拉·默克尔的主持下,第五轮中德政府磋商于2018年7月9日在友好的气氛中在柏林举行。
  • The meeting demonstrated the high level and wide range that has been achieved in the comprehensive German-Chinese Strategic Partnership. Both sides welcome the development of German-Chinese relations since the last intergovernmental consultations in June 2016 and underline the ongoing important role of the 2014 Plan of Action on German-Chinese Cooperation on Joint Innovation. Both sides are committed to implementing and developing the Plan of Action further, taking existing mechanisms into account, and agreed the following as regards their further cooperation.
  • 此次磋商彰显了中德全方位战略伙伴关系业已达到的高水平和宽广度。双方欢迎自2016年6月举行的上轮政府磋商以来中德关系的发展,并特别指出2014年发表的《中德合作行动纲要:共塑创新》的持续重要作用。双方致力于在考虑到现有机制基础上继续落实和更新行动纲要并就下一阶段合作达成以下重要共识:
  • I. Joint strengthening of the comprehensive strategic partnership and the rules-based international order
  •   一、共同增强全方位战略伙伴关系和基于规则的国际秩序
  • 1. Both sides acknowledge the role of high-level meetings in bilateral relations and agree to further expand relations in the spirit of the agreements reached with Chinese leaders during Federal Chancellor Merkel's visit to China in May 2018. To this end, both sides have decided to hold more high-level meetings and to deepen exchange at all levels under the auspices of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Germany. They underline the growing importance of intergovernmental consultations in promoting German-Chinese cooperation. As coordinators of the intergovernmental consultations, the two Foreign Ministries will review the outcomes of the intergovernmental consultations at regular intervals.
  • 1、双方积极评价高层交往对双边关系的重要作用,同意按照2018年5月默克尔总理访华期间同中国领导人达成的重要共识精神,继续拓展双边关系。为此,双方决定在中德全方位战略伙伴关系框架下继续加强高层交往,深化各层级交流。双方重申政府磋商机制对促进两国合作具有更加重要的意义。作为政府磋商的协调单位,两国外交部应定期检视并推动落实政府磋商的成果。
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