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Co-Chairs' Statement on the 1st ASEAN-China Cyber Dialogue


[CLI Code] CLI.T.9634(EN)  Statement

  • Co-Chairs' Statement on the 1st ASEAN-China Cyber Dialogue

  • 首轮中国-东盟网络事务对话共同主席声明

  • (December 7, 2020)
  • (2020年12月7日)

  • The Inaugural ASEAN-China Cyber Dialogue was held via video conference on 7th December 2020, co-chaired by the Philippines and China. During the Dialogue, we exchanged in-depth views and insights on issues including a general situation in cyberspace, domestic policies and mechanism building, global governance and development of rules in cyberspace, and cooperation on capacity building within the region.
  • 2020年12月7日,首轮中国-东盟网络事务对话以视频方式举行。对话由中国和菲律宾共同主持,双方就网络空间总体形势、各自政策和机制建设、网络空间全球治理和规则发展、地区能力建设合作等深入交换看法。
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