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MEP indicates progress on draft Atmosphere Law and emissions regulations

《大气法》已形成初稿 明年初将报国务院

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  • Release Date:12-19-2013
  • Source:Pkulaw
  • The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) recently indicated that amendments to the draft Atmosphere Law will be submitted to the State Council next year. In addition, the process is ongoing for the drafting of the Regulation on Motor Vehicle Pollution Prevention and Control.

  • 机动车污染防治条例现在也正在制定过程当中,大气法的修订已经完成了初稿明年会报到国务院。

  • The MEP also stated that emission standards for the cement industry and six other industries will be issued in the near future, with the standards placing special emphasis on the tightening of emission limits and the implementation of special emission limits.
  • 环保部表示,近期要出台水泥和其他6个行业的排放标准,特别强调排放限值的加严和实施特别排放限值,
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