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Over 100,000 people advise on China's draft civil code

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BEIJING - More than 100,000 people made suggestions on China's draft civil code during a two-month public opinion collection on the website of the country's top legislature.
The National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee received 437,986 pieces of opinions by Nov 3 when the collection was ended, the Legislative Affairs Commission under the NPC Standing Committee announced Saturday.
The draft civil code was submitted to the top legislature for review at a bimonthly session of the NPC Standing Committee that ended Aug 31, beginning the second phase of formulating the country's long-expected civil code, which is expected to run until 2020.
It has six sections, namely provisions on property, contract, personality rights, marriage and family, inheritance, and torts, consisting of 1,034 articles in total.
According to the Legislative Affairs Commission, 3,000 pieces of opinions regarding the draft of provisions on contract were collected. Many called for regulations to deal with people occupying others' reserved seats and passengers grabbing the steering wheel from the drivers, both recent high-profile incidents.
The public raised nearly 1,100 pieces of opinions concerning the draft of provisions on tort.
The two sections of provisions on contract and tort are set to be reviewed by the lawmakers during a bimonthly session of the NPC scheduled from Dec 23 to 29.

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