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CBIRC Regulates Out-of-Area Non-Licensed Institutions of Banking Financial Institutions


[CLI Code] CLI.N.93387(EN) 

  • Subject: Banking
  • Keywords:CBIRC; banking financial institutions
  • Release Date:01-14-2019
  • Source:Pkulaw
  • Category: Legislative Updates
  • The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) issued the Guiding Opinions on Regulating the Out-of-Area Non-Licensed Institutions of Banking Financial Institutions on December 29, 2018.
  • 2018年12月29日,中国银保监会发布《关于规范银行业金融机构异地非持牌机构的指导意见》。
  • Under the Guiding Opinions, based on whether the out-of-area non-licensed institutions engage in the substantial business operation activities, profit-oriented institutions and non-profit-oriented institutions should be distinguished, and targeted regulatory requirements should be offered according to the different degree of risk spillover and risk management needs.
  • 按照是否实质性开展经营活动,《指导意见》将异地非持牌机构划分为经营性机构与非经营性机构,并根据风险外溢程度与风险管理需求的不同分别提出规范要求。
  • According to the Guiding Opinions, banking financial institutions should apply for financial licenses of specialized institutions or their branches for profit-oriented institutions satisfying the requirements for licensing under the administrative licensing procedures; and incorporate the institutions not satisfying the requirements for licensing into local branches and sub-branches for management or revoke such institutions. For non-profit-oriented institutions in the territory of China, the Guiding Opinions require that banking financial institutions should, at least 2 months in advance, report to a legal person regulators and the regulators in the place where the non-profit-oriented institutions to be established are located, and report the relevant situation of the domestic non-profit-oriented institutions to legal person regulators on a regular basis.
  • 对于符合持牌要求的经营性机构,指导意见要求银行业金融机构按照行政许可程序申领专营机构或专营机构分支机构金融许可证;对不符合持牌要求的,将其并入当地分支行管理或予以撤销。对于境内非经营性机构,《指导意见》要求银行业金融机构至少提前2个月向法人监管机构及拟设立非经营性机构的所在地监管机构报告,并定期向法人监管机构报告境内非经营性机构相关情况。
  • The Guiding Opinions set a one-year transitional period for the rectification of existing out-of-area non-licensed institutions. Where it is difficult for an institution to complete the rectification within one year, with the consent of the regulator of legal persons, the time limit for rectification may be appropriately postponed.
  • 指导意见对存量异地非持牌机构的整改安排了一年的过渡期。对于一年内完成整改确有困难的,经法人监管机构同意,整改时限可适当后延。
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