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38 Departments Jointly Punish Dishonest Acts in Intellectual Property Field


[CLI Code] CLI.N.93215(EN) 

  • Keywords:intellectual property; seriously dishonest acts; joint punishment
  • Release Date:12-25-2018
  • Source:Pkulaw
  • Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 37 departments and entities jointly issued the Memorandum of Cooperation in Jointly Punishing Seriously Dishonest Parties in Intellectual Property (Patent) Field.
  • 近日,国家发改委等38个部门和单位联合发布《关于对知识产权(专利)领域严重失信主体开展联合惩戒的合作备忘录》。
  • According to the Memorandum, the subjects of the joint punishment are the participants committing seriously dishonest acts in the field of intellectual property (patent). The seriously dishonest behaviors in intellectual property (patent) field include six circumstances: repeated patent infringement, failure in legal execution of administrative decisions, serious violations in the patent agency, affiliation of a patent agent qualification certificate, abnormal patent applications, and provision of fake documents.
  • 根据备忘录,联合惩戒对象为知识产权(专利)领域严重失信行为的主体实施者。其中,知识产权(专利)领域严重失信行为包括6种情形:重复专利侵权行为、不依法执行行为、专利代理严重违法行为、专利代理人资格证书挂靠行为、非正常申请专利行为、提供虚假文件行为。
  • The aforementioned activities will be subject to 33 kinds of cross-department joint punitive measures, including restricting relevant liable persons from being recruited (employed) as civil servants or staff members of public institutions; restricting them from purchasing real estates or engaging in the transactions of state-owned property rights; and restricting them from travelling, taking vacation and conducting other consumption behaviors not necessary for life or work within a certain scope.
  • 知识产权(专利)领域严重失信主体将遭到33项跨部门联合惩戒措施,包括限制招录(聘)为公务员或事业单位工作人员;限制购买不动产及国有产权交易;限制在一定范围的旅游、度假等非生活和工作必需的消费行为。
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