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Provisions on the Transfer of Posts of Civil Servants


  • Provisions on the Transfer of Posts of Civil Servants
  • 公务员转任规定

  • (As formulated on December 8, 2020 and issued on December 28, 2020 by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee)
  • (2020年12月8日中共中央组织部制定 2020年12月28日发布)

  • Chapter I General Provisions
  • 第一章 总 则

  • Article 1 For purposes of regulating the transfer of posts of civil servants, promoting the reasonable flow of civil servants, invigorating the team of civil servants, reinforcing the mechanism for checks and oversight of power, and building a high-quality and specialized team of civil servants having firm convictions, committed to serving the people, hardworking and pragmatic, daring to assume tasks, and being persons of integrity, these Provisions are developed in accordance with the Civil Servant Law of the People's Republic of China and other applicable laws and regulations.
  •   第一条 为了规范公务员转任工作,促进公务员合理流动,增强公务员队伍活力,强化权力运行制约,建设信念坚定、为民服务、勤政务实、敢于担当、清正廉洁的高素质专业化公务员队伍,根据《中华人民共和国公务员法》等有关法律法规,制定本规定。
  • Article 2 “transfer of posts of civil servants” means the exchanges of civil servants between different posts within the civil service team or the exchanges of civil servants to the posts of staff members in the authorities (public institutions) governed, mutatis mutandis, by the Civil Servant Law.
  •   第二条 公务员转任,是指公务员在公务员队伍内部不同职位之间的交流或者交流到参照公务员法管理的机关(单位)工作人员职位。
  • These Provisions shall apply to the transfer of civil servants to the same level of leadership positions or at the same or equivalent level of ranks.
  • 公务员在同一领导职务层次、同一或者相当职级层次的转任,适用本规定。
  • Where any law or regulation provides otherwise for the transfer of posts of leading members of civil servants as well as supervisors, judges and public procurators or the transfer of posts of civil servants is related to the promotion to or demotion from leadership positions and ranks or the interchange of leadership positions and ranks, such appropriate provisions shall apply.
  • 法律法规对公务员中领导成员以及监察官、法官、检察官等转任另有规定的,公务员转任中涉及领导职务和职级升降、领导职务和职级互相转任的,按照有关规定办理。
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