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Regulation on Governments' Supervisory Inspection


  • Order of the State Council of the People's Republic of China
  • 中华人民共和国国务院令

  • (No. 733)
  • (第733号)

  • The Regulation on Governments' Supervisory Inspection, as adopted at the 116th executive meeting of the State Council on December 1, 2020, is hereby issued, and shall come into force on February 1, 2021.
  • 《政府督查工作条例》已经2020年12月1日国务院第116次常务会议通过,现予公布,自2021年2月1日起施行。
  • Premier: Li Keqiang
  • 总 理 李克强
  • December 26, 2020
  • 2020年12月26日
  • Regulation on Governments' Supervisory Inspection
  • 政府督查工作条例
  • Article 1 This Regulation has been developed for the purposes of strengthening and regulating governments' supervisory inspection, guaranteeing the smooth implementation of government orders, enhancing administrative efficiency, promoting government integrity, and improving the rules of administrative supervision.
  •   第一条 为了加强和规范政府督查工作,保障政令畅通,提高行政效能,推进廉政建设,健全行政监督制度,制定本条例。
  • Article 2 For the purposes of this Regulation, the term ‘governments' supervisory inspection' refers to supervision and inspection organized by people's governments at or above the county level within the scope of their statutory powers as required for work.
  •   第二条 本条例所称政府督查,是指县级以上人民政府在法定职权范围内根据工作需要组织开展的监督检查。
  • Article 3 Governments' supervisory inspection shall adhere to and strengthen the leadership of the Party, be people-oriented, suit the overall situation, seek truth from facts, promote administration by law, promote the implementation of policies and the settlement of problems, and avoid formalism and bureaucratism.
  •   第三条 政府督查工作应当坚持和加强党的领导,以人民为中心,服务大局、实事求是,推进依法行政,推动政策落实和问题解决,力戒形式主义、官僚主义。
  • Article 4 The contents of governments' supervisory inspection shall include:
  •   第四条 政府督查内容包括:
  • (1) implementation of major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council;
  • (一)党中央、国务院重大决策部署落实情况;
  • (2) implementation of the essential work arrangements of people's governments at higher levels and at the same level;
  • (二)上级和本级人民政府重要工作部署落实情况;
  • (3) performance of statutory duties by the subjects of supervisory inspection; and
  • (三)督查对象法定职责履行情况;
  • (4) administrative efficiency of departments of people's governments at the same level and people's governments at lower levels.
  • (四)本级人民政府所属部门和下级人民政府的行政效能。
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