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Xiamen Yuanchang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. v. Hainan Yuexin Group Co., Ltd. (case of dispute over an entrustment contract)


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  • Xiamen Yuanchang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. v. Hainan Yuexin Group Co., Ltd. (case of dispute over an entrustment contract)
  • ***与***委托合同纠纷案
  • [Judgment Abstract]
  • 【裁判摘要】
  • The expiration of both parties' debts is one of the positive conditions for the formation of the statutory right of set-off. This condition not only means that the debts of both parties have reached the end of performance period, but also requires that there exists an overlapping part in the period from the end of performance period to the end of prescriptive period. During the overlapping part of the above period, the creditor's rights of both parties can be performed without any defense such as the expiration of the prescriptive period, and accordingly the condition that both parties' debts have expired is met, which will not be affected even if the prescriptive period for the active claims have elapsed at the time of the exercise of the right of set-off subsequently.
  • 双方债务均已到期属于法定抵销权形成的积极条件之一。该条件不仅意味着双方债务均已届至履行期,同时还要求双方债务各自从履行期届至到诉讼时效期间届满的时间段,应当存在重合的部分。在上述时间段的重合部分,双方债权均处于没有时效等抗辩的可履行状态,“双方债务均已到期”之条件即为成就,即使此后抵销权行使之时主动债权已经超过诉讼时效,亦不影响该条件的成立。
  • As the party may waive the extinctive prescription for the passive claim as a defense on its own initiative, when examining the active condition for the formation of the right of set-off, a people's court shall focus on the prescriptive period for the active claim. In other words, where, before the end of the prescriptive period for the active claim, the passive claim enters the performance period, it shall be deemed that the condition of the expiration of debts of both parties is met; otherwise, the condition shall not be deemed as met.
  • 因被动债权诉讼时效的抗辩可由当事人自主放弃,故在审查抵销权形成的积极条件时,当重点考察主动债权的诉讼时效,即主动债权的诉讼时效届满之前,被动债权进入履行期的,当认为满足双方债务均已到期之条件;反之则不得认定该条件已经成就。
  • The exercise of the right of set-off is different from the formation thereof. As a right of formation, the exercise of the right of set-off is not subject to the extinctive prescription. Additionally, a peremptive period for the exercise of statutory right of set-off is not set by China's laws. Therefore, where the statutory right of set-off has been effectively established, if there is no unreasonable delay in the exercise of the right of set-off, the people's court shall recognize the effect of the offset after comprehensively considering the substantive fairness, the guarantee function of the right of set-off, and other factors.
  • 抵销权的行使不同于抵销权的形成。作为形成权,抵销权的行使不受诉讼时效的限制。我国法律并未对法定抵销权的行使设置除斥期间。在法定抵销权已经有效成立的情况下,如抵销权的行使不存在不合理迟延之情形,综合实体公平及抵销权的担保功能等因素,人民法院应认可抵销的效力。
  • Full-text omitted.
  • 中华人民共和国最高人民法院
  • 民事判决书
  • (2018)最高法民再51号
  • 再审申请人(一审原告、二审上诉人):***,住所地福建省厦门市思明区湖滨南路253号38层A单元。
  • 法定代表人:侯朝阳,该公司执行董事。
  • 委托诉讼代理人:杨少勇,福建联合信实律师事务所律师。
  • 委托诉讼代理人:陈宣文,福建联合信实律师事务所律师。
  • 被申请人(一审被告、二审上诉人):***,住所地海南省海口市秀英区海港路20号。
  • 法定代表人:洪劲松,该公司董事长。
  • 委托诉讼代理人:杨嘉文,福建伟盛律师事务所律师。
  • 委托诉讼代理人:付晓柳婷,北京市中银律师事务所律师。
  • 再审申请人***(以下简称源昌公司)因与被申请人***(以下简称悦信公司)委托合同纠纷一案,不服海南省高级人民法院(以下简称海南高院)(2017)琼民终2号民事判决(以下简称原判决),向本院申请再审。本院于2017年12月27日作出(2017)最高法民申3368号民事裁定,提审本案。本院依法组成合议庭,于2018年3月26日公开开庭审理了本案。源昌公司的委托诉讼代理人杨少勇、陈宣文,悦信公司的委托诉讼代理人杨嘉文、付晓柳婷到庭参加诉讼。本案现已审理终结。
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