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China Sports Publications Corp. v. Beijing Books Building Co., Ltd., Guangdong Audio & Video Publishing House and Guangdong Haosheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (dispute over copyright ownership and infringement)


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  • [Key Terms] radio broadcast of gymnastic exercises; works; service works
  • [核心术语] 广播体操的动作;作品;职务作品
  • [Disputed Issues] Are radio broadcasts of gymnastic exercises “works” under the Copyright Law?
  • [争议焦点] 1.广播体操的动作是否属于著作权法意义上的作品?
  • [Case Summary] Under the Copyright Law (2001 version), works of Chinese citizens, legal entities or other organizations, whether published or not, enjoy copyright. The term "work" refers to original intellectual creations in the domain of literature and science that are capable of bei......
  • [案例要旨] 根据2001年《著作权法》的规定,中国公民、法人或者其他组织的作品,不论是否发表,依照本法享有著作权。作品是指文学和科学领域内,具有独创性并能以某......
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