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Xu Bin v. Nanjing Mingjue Industrial Co., Ltd., Nanjing Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Bus Haiyijie Automobile Service Co., Ltd., et al. (appellate case of dispute over trademark infringement)


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  • [Key Terms] registered trademark; product source; cease to use
  • [核心术语] 注册商标;商品来源;停止使用
  • [Disputed Issues] Where a trademark owner does not use its registered trademark for three consecutive years or more and, in the same time period, other persons use a similar trademark, has infringement been committed?
  • [争议焦点] 1.商标权人连续三年以上未使用注册商标的,其他人在此期间使用近似商标的,是否构成侵权?
  • [Case Summary] The function of a trademark is to identify product source, allowing consumers to distinguish different product manufacturers and thus select products in an autonomous fashion. The objective of the system of trademark rights is to protect the legitimate rights of registered trademark owners and maintain the normal order for market competition. Trademark rights offer protections to rights holder......
  • [案例要旨] 商标的作用在于标识商品的来源,使消费者能区别商品的生产者,从而自主地选择商品。商标权制度的目的在于保护注册商标的持有人的合法权益,维护正常的市场竞争秩序。商标权对持有人权利的保护,同......
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