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Guiding Case No.13 of the Supreme People's Court: People v. Wang Zhaocheng et al. (case of illegally selling or storing dangerous substances)


  • Guiding Case No.13 of the Supreme People's Court: People v. Wang Zhaocheng et al.
  • 指导案例13号:王召成等非法买卖、储存危险物质案
  • (Issued on January 31, 2013 as adopted by the Judicial Committee of the Supreme People's Court after deliberation)
  • (最高人民法院审判委员会讨论通过 2013年1月31日发布)
  • Guiding Case No.13
  • 指导案例13号
  • Keywords:
  • 关键词
  • criminal; illegal trading; storage of hazardous substances; poisonous substances
  • 刑事 非法买卖、储存危险物质 毒害性物质
  • Key Points
  • 裁判要点
  • 1. Sodium cyanide and other highly toxic chemicals under strict state supervision and administration are easy to cause human intoxication or death and have great poisonousness and dangerousness to human body and environment. They are “poisonous” substances as provided in paragraph 2, Article 125 of the Criminal Law.
  • 1.国家严格监督管理的氰化钠等剧毒化学品,易致人中毒或者死亡,对人体、环境具有极大的毒害性和危险性,属于刑法一百二十五条第二款规定的“毒害性”物质。
  • 2. The “illegal trading” of poisonous substances refers to an act whereby poisonous substances are purchased or sold without approval of the relevant competent departments and in violation of laws and provisions of the competent state departments. It is unnecessary for this act to have both purchase and selling.
  • 2.“非法买卖”毒害性物质,是指违反法律和国家主管部门规定,未经有关主管部门批准许可,擅自购买或者出售毒害性物质的行为,并不需要兼有买进和卖出的行为。
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