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Guiding Case No. 179: Nie Meilan v. Beijing Lin Brothers Culture Co., Ltd. (case of confirmation of an employment relationship)


  • Guiding Case No. 179: Nie Meilan v. Beijing Lin Brothers Culture Co., Ltd. (case of confirmation of an employment relationship)(Deliberated and adopted by the Judicial Committee of the Supreme People's Court, issued on July 4, 2022)
  • 指导案例179号:聂美兰诉北京林氏兄弟文化有限公司确认劳动关系案(最高人民法院审判委员会讨论通过2022年7月4日发布)
  • Guiding Case No. 179
  • 指导案例179号
  • [Keywords]
  • 关键词

  • civil; confirmation of an employment relationship; cooperative joint venture; a written employment contract
  • 民事/确认劳动关系/合作经营/书面劳动合同
  • [Key Points of Judgment]
  • 裁判要点
  • 1. Where eligible parties to an employment relationship sign an agreement in the name of "cooperative joint venture," but the rights and obligations of both parties as agreed in the agreement and the actual performance situations satisfy the standards for confirmation of an employment relationship and the employee claims that there is an employment relationship between him or her and the employer, the people's court shall support such claim.
  • 1.劳动关系适格主体以“合作经营”等为名订立协议,但协议约定的双方权利义务内容、实际履行情况等符合劳动关系认定标准,劳动者主张与用人单位存在劳动关系的,人民法院应予支持。
  • 2. Where the written agreement signed by and between the employer and the employee contains job descriptions, labor remunerations, time limit of the employment contract, and other items complying with clauses of an employment contract as prescribed in Article 17 of the Employment Contract Law, and the employee claims that the employer should pay him or her compensation one time the salary on the ground that the employer does not sign a written employment contract with him or her, the people's court shall not support such claim.
  • 2.用人单位与劳动者签订的书面协议中包含工作内容、劳动报酬、劳动合同期限等符合劳动合同法十七条规定的劳动合同条款,劳动者以用人单位未订立书面劳动合同为由要求支付第二倍工资的,人民法院不予支持。
  • [Relevant Legal Provisions]
  • 相关法条】
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