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Guiding Case No. 91: Sha Mingbao et al. v. People's Government of Huashan District, Ma'anshan City (Case about Dispute over Administrative Compensation for Forced Demolition of a House)


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  • Guiding Case No. 91: Sha Mingbao et al. v. People's Government of Huashan District, Ma'anshan City (Case about dispute over administrative compensation for forced demolition of a house)
  • 指导案例91号:沙明保等诉马鞍山市花山区人民政府房屋强制拆除行政赔偿案
  • (Issued on November 15, 2017 as deliberated and adopted by the Judicial Committee of the Supreme People's Court)
  • (最高人民法院审判委员会讨论通过 2017年11月15日发布)
  • Guiding Case No. 91
  • 指导案例91号
  • Keywords
  • 关键词
  • administrative; administrative compensation; forced demolition; burden of proof; reasonable market value

  • 行政/行政赔偿/强制拆除/举证责任/市场合理价值
  • Key Points of Judgment
  • 裁判要点
  • In a case regarding administrative compensation caused by forced demolition of a house, where plaintiff provides preliminary evidence, but fails to produce evidence for losses to articles in the house due to reasons of the administrative organ, and the administrative organ fails to produce evidence for losses to articles in the house since it does not take such measures as property registration and notarization according to the law, the people's court should support the claim of plaintiff for compensation of articles in the house that comply with common sense and do not exceed the market value.
  • 在房屋强制拆除引发的行政赔偿案件中,原告提供了初步证据,但因行政机关的原因导致原告无法对房屋内物品损失举证,行政机关亦因未依法进行财产登记、公证等措施无法对房屋内物品损失举证的,人民法院对原告未超出市场价值的符合生活常理的房屋内物品的赔偿请求,应当予以支持。
  • Legal Provisions
  • 相关法条
  • Basic Facts
  • 基本案情
  • On December 5, 2011, the People's Government of Anhui Province issued the Official Reply on the 35th Batch of Urban Construction Land in Ma'anshan City in 2011 (No. 769 [2011], People's Government, Anhui) and approved the expropriation of 10.04 hectares of farmers' collective land in Huoli Sub-district, Huashan District, Ma'anshan City for urban construction. On December 23, 2011, the People's Government of Ma'anshan City issued the Announcement of the People's Government of Ma'anshan City on the Scheme for Land Expropriation (No. 37 [2011], People's Government, Ma'anshan), announced the official reply of the People's Government of Anhui Province, and specified that the scheme for land expropriation was to be implemented by the People's Government of Huashan District. The house under the name of Su Yuehua located in B11-3 village group of Fengshou Village, Huoli Township, Huashan District was within the scope of this land expropriation. Su Yuehua passed away on September 13, 2011 and before her death, she disposed of the house to the ownership of the four plaintiffs. Plaintiff Gu Hongying was Su Yuehua's daughter and plaintiffs Sha Mingbao, Sha Minghu, and Sha Mingli were Su Yuehua's grandchildren. In the implementation of land expropriation and resettlement, the land expropriation entity separately prepared the Compensation Form for the National Construction Land Expropriation and Resettlement in Ma'anshan City and the Form for the Recordation of Monetized Resettlement (Property Swap) of Expropriated and Resettled
  • 2011年12月5日,安徽省人民政府作出皖政地〔2011〕769号《关于马鞍山市2011年第35批次城市建设用地的批复》,批准征收马鞍山市花山区霍里街道范围内农民集体建设用地10.04公顷,用于城市建设。2011年12月23日,马鞍山市人民政府作出2011年37号《马鞍山市人民政府征收土地方案公告》,将安徽省人民政府的批复内容予以公告,并载明征地方案由花山区人民政府实施。苏月华名下的花山区霍里镇丰收村丰收村民组B11-3房屋在本次征收范围内。苏月
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